Superannuation of Mr. Muhammad Zahid – Assistant Professor at IAS,PU

As per its traditions and culture of celebrating the academic excellence, Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS) organized a graceful ceremony to pay tribute to the highly commendable lifelong services of Mr. Muhammad Zahid – Assistant Professor at the institute. Mr. Zahid has contributed his 25 years of professional life to Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS) University of the Punjab with his greatest level of professionalism, dedication & commitment. At the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Nasira Jabeen – Dean FEMS and Director IAS congratulated Mr. Muhammad Zahid on completing his service years with immense grace, utmost honesty and commitment. She shared her valuable expressions for Mr. Zahid’s personal and professional attire, his sincerity to the cause, his innovation in teaching methodologies, mentoring of students and central role in greatest contributions to the organization. Prof. Jabeen shared her memories being teacher and then a colleague to Mr. Zahid. She acknowledged his ownership towards students and the institute and wished him well for the upcoming new phase of life. Prof. Jabeen said that, the institute considers Mr. Zahid a great asset and welcome him whole hardheartedly for continuing his contribution and engagement with the institute. Recently, IAS has signed a MoU with the University of Massachusetts, USA for faculty and student exchange and for research collaboration for which Mr. Zahid played a key role.

Many other faculty members shared their expressions for Mr. Zahid. Dr. Kashif Rathore appreciated the collegial learning he has experienced with Mr. Zahid andwished him to be the beacon of improvement for the institute. Dr. Ghalib Ata shared some commonalities with Mr. Zahid from the initial years of their professional life as teachers at the institute. He appreciated his value addition to the progress of the institute and acknowledged Mr. Zahid’s role in the advisory capacity. Dr. Yaamina Salman shared her expressions for Mr. Zahid being his student and a colleague having a learning association of more than twenty years. She recollected the memories from her student life and shared her immense gratitude to Mr. Zahid towards her personal and professional development. Dr. Sidra Irfan, Ms. Madiha Waheed Malik, Mr. Mubeen Khalid and Mr. Malik Arif also shared similar expressions of love and respect for Mr. Zahid. Few of his students including Osama Siddiqui, Naqsh Nasir, & Farzeen Talat also shared their expressions at the ceremony.  They spoke about their interactions & learning from Mr. Zahid and his support and guidance at every step. Prof. Dr. Mazhar Moeen from Oriental College, PU also graced the ceremony with his presence. Family of Mr. Zahid also joined and shared their experiences at the auspicious ceremony.

Towards the end, Mr. Muhammad Zahid was invited to share his views and expressions for his time and services to the institute. Mr. Zahid was quite humbled with gratitude for the love and respect shared by his colleagues, staff and students. He shared the memories from the beginning of his service with former chairpersons of the Institute and the mentoring he received from them. He gave the credit of his achievements to his family that has always been there in a supportive role. Mr. Zahid acknowledged the efforts of staff to provide the supportive role that is inevitable in order to have smooth functioning of the institute. He appreciated his colleagues for being a great support in all these years. The ceremony was attended by the faculty members of IAS including Dr. Nighat Ansari, Dr. Sobia Khurram, Dr. Amani Moazzam, Dr. Aamir Saeed, Ms. Aisha Rizwan, Dr. Ayesha Sarfraz, Dr. Ali Rehman, Ms. Iman Saleem, Ms. Zahra Paul, Mr. Zeeshan Hanif, Dr. Aamir Sarwar, Ms. Zulaikha Mahmood & Ms. Saba Muhammad. Staff members including Col.Muzaffar Ali, Mr. Shahzad Ahmad Siddiqui, Mr. Numan Jaffery, Ms. Sameen Zaki, Ms. Rifat Umbreen Afzal, Ms. Maria Aslam, Ms. Amna Junaid were also present at the occasion. Dr. Aamir Sarwar – Incharge Director IBIT, also joined.

IAS family including faculty, staff and students offered a standing ovation to Mr. Muhammad Zahid for his meritorious services to the institute. Faculty members presented a souvenir and a bouquet of flowers to Mr. Zahid and his family. The ceremony was concluded with a group photo followed by refreshments.



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