Prof. Dr. Yaamina Salman

Prof. Dr. Yaamina Salman has a PhD in Management from University of Edinburgh Business School.Her PhD research was carried out under the supervision of renowned public management academics, Prof. Stephen Osborne and Dr. Tony Kinder on public management reforms in developing countries with an emphasis on health sector reforms in Punjab. Prior to that, she has done her MPA from IAS and has been associated with IAS as a faculty member since 2000. She teaches courses on Governance, Public Management, International Development, Organisational Design, Organisational Behaviour and Qualitative Research Design, Methods & Analysis. Currently, she is also contributing to the Common Training Program (CTP) for civil service probationers at Civil Services Academy. She has presented her research at IRSPM’s (International Research Society for Public Management) Annual Conferences. Her research interests include design and delivery of public sector reform, political economy of reform, international development, citizen engagement and coproduction. She has worked as Conference Coordinators for IAS International and National Conferences. She is also Regional Editor(Developing Countries) for Public Management Review.


Director / Professor

PhD in Management from University of Edinburgh Business School

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