Ms. Aisha Rizwan

Ms. Aisha has been associated with the institute as a faculty member for the past 12 years. She has obtained her Master in Public Administration degree from IAS with distinction. Her terminal degree of MPhil in Management is also from the same institute. She has a corporate experience of four years as an Assistant Product Manager at Packages Limited. She is currently enrolled as a PhD Scholar at University of Utrecht, Netherlands. She has contributed a chapter on Pakistan in a book; Government Agencies: Practices and Lessons from 30 countries, edited by K. Verhoest et al.


Assistant Professor

M.Phil. (Pb)

Phone Number:  042-99231165
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  1. Path Dependency and Implementation of Administrative Reforms: Case of Civil Services of Pakistan, Journal of Political Studies, 28 (1) Y category ISSN- (Print)1994-1080 E-ISSN (Online): 2308 -8338, 2021