Dr. Amani Moazzam

Dr. Amani Moazzam has been working as an Assistant Professor at IAS. She teaches mostly research methods and management related courses at BS, MPhil and PhD level.She has a PhD in Management from the Institute ofAdministrative Sciences and her research interests are Gender in Management, Organizational Behavior and other diversity issues.She has strong background in Quantitative DataAnalysis using softwares such as SPSS and AMOS. She has an increasing number of publications to her name both nationally and internationally. She is currently the Editor in Chief of Governance and Management Review Journal. She has presented her work in international conferences hosted at Malaysia and Australia as well as the reputed BritishAcademy of Management and University of Northampton,UK.She was on the organizing team of IAS 1st National Conference in the capacity of the Conference Coordinator.


Assistant Professor

PhD in Management (Pb)

Phone Number:  042-99231164
E-mail Address:  amani.ias@pu.edu.pk

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  2. Understanding public service motivation, workplace spirituality and employee well-being in the public sector, International Journal of Ethics and Systems, W Category ISSN: 2514-9369, 2021
  3. Work life balance as a mediator between employability and subjective career success, Journal of Behavioral Science, 29(2) Y category ISSN-1028-9097, 2020