Tanvir Sadiq

Mr.Tanvir Sadiq


Mr.Tanvir Sadiq is a renowned mathematician having 43 years’ experience of teaching at college and university level.He has taught at F.C College,Government College of Science, Government College of Education for Science (presently Education University). Mr.Sadiq has also served as principal of Government College Noweshera,District Khushab.After getting pre-mature retirement,he joined Punjab University in 2005 & IAS in 2008. He has also taught at UCP and Bahria University. Mr.Sadiq has more than 10 year experience of Administration, 43 years’ experience of teaching,15 years’ experience of research and 15 years’ experience of teacher’s training and guidance. He has worked as resource person in NIPA, DSD and other training institutions and participated in many such courses conducted by Government of Punjab.He also has more than 10 years’ experience of working with NGOs for community welfare and educating masses at different level.

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