Amir Sarwar

Dr.Aamir Sarwar

Assistant professor

Dr.Aamir Sarwar (MBA, and M.A. Eco. from University of the Punjab, Lahore; MBA from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK (Scholarship holder from Foreign and Commonwealth Office-FCO), and Ph.D from Thailand is currently working as Incharge Director of IBIT.He is teaching Banking, Finance and Management courses to graduate and post graduate classes. He has more than 25 years of experience of working in the corporate sector as senior level manager and consultant in multinational and international companies in Pakistan, Kuwait, Singapore,Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia. He has travelled to more than 15 countries in Asia, Europe,and Asia Pacific.He is involved in teaching since 1992 as an adjunct faculty but on full time basis since 2004 as an Assistant Professor in Institute of Business and Information Technology (IBIT), University of the Punjab, Lahore. Since 2011 he published 27 research papers in the area of Behavioural Finance and Management in different local and international journals. He is attached with few Journals as board member and reviewer. He is a Member of Board of Studies (BOS) of Business

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