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Dr. Nasira Jabeen Professor and Director Institute of Administrative Sciences

The Institute of Administrative Sciences provides a dynamic learning environment with strong emphasis on interdisciplinary education to meet governance and management challenges faced by government, business and non-profit organizations. At IAS, students choose a program of studies from the independent yet related fields of Management, Public Administration, Public Policy, Health Administration, Marketing and Human Resource Management. Students are supported by the highly committed faculty and caring staff who contribute to the strong sense of IAS community.

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December 15, 2020

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Omer Farooq

“IAS has been a great learning experience with mentors that not only help you develop positive attitudes, build habits and
encourage achievements that shape the student’s career trajectory. Teacher’s passion for student development and their
willingness to share their time and effort has a lasting impact. As an alumnus one should always try to give back to your institute. I
wish to join the department one day again for another degree.”
Omer Farooq – Masters in Marketing (2005-07)
Area Sales Manager
PepsiCo International


Haseeb Khan

“My studentship at IAS was full of fun, knowledge, learning and exposure. Teachers with strong academics tickled my love for
understanding human resource management concepts and practices. Its administration gave a new meaning to affection, care
and facilitation. The class environment was full of discussions, debates and challenging questions. My class fellows are my most
memorable assets. The mere thought of IAS brings a flashback of cheerful memories. Thank you IAS for the incredible memories.”
Haseeb Khan – PGD HRM 2002-03
Director Public Relations and Communications, Superior Group
Actor, Director, Producer, Trainer & Brand Ambassador


Dr. Musa Shaikh

“I got the true value out of my degree at IAS, especially the communication skills, knowledge and ability to manage. My university
degree was a turning point in my life; I was a totally different person before and after the completion of my masters. I have a lot of
positive things to express for my alma mater. Whatever I am today is a great contribution of my professors. I value the time spent
at IAS and am obliged to my institute to have developed and executed the program the way it was.”
Dr. Musa Shaikh – MPA (1997-99)
Group CEO- Berkeley Middle East


Ghulam Mustafa

“It was the best decision of my life to join IAS to attain specialized knowledge of Human Resource Management. The course
contents were very comprehensive, the faculty was very competent and management of IAS was focused to ensure all students
got equipped with latest trends, practices and philosophies of HRM. I must say that my today’s success is owed to the professional
grooming I received at IAS. Thanks to the faculty and management team of the institute. “
Ghulam Mustafa
PGD-HRM (2002-03)
Manager HR Technologies, Coca Cola Ice Cek


Rafia Hussain

“In 1976 I got admission in two departments; Psychology and Public Administration. Both basically geared to understand and
manage humans. I chose Public Administration as I felt it opened many more aspects to people’s understanding and
management. I never regretted! The taught subjects and of course the teachers have not failed to date . . . to mention a couple . . . .
Dr. Muneer and Dr. Mujeeb.”
Rafia Hussain
MPA (1979)


Nasir J. Chowdhry

“Being a part of IAS is rewarding in many ways. Not only does it give an opportunity to meet old colleagues and alumni but it is an
inspiration to see the progress IAS has made over the years and to be part of the journey of it’s growth.”


Nasir J. Chowdhry
MA Administrative Science (1967)
Managing Director
Medipak Limited

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