ORACLE Certificate Distribution Ceremony at Institute of Administrative Sciences

Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS) in collaboration with Advanced Skills Development Institute and Oracle Academy conducted a semester course on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) by Mr. Syed Hussnain Abbas Shah – ERP consultant and first Asian Microsoft Advisory Board Member. Oracle Academy Certification Distribution Ceremony was conducted on 12th March 2018 to appreciate the student’s efforts. A total of 130 students were awarded with certificates. Prof. Dr. Nasira Jabeen – Director IAS, Mr. Muhammad Zahid – Program Coordinator BS and Mr. Malik Arif – Manager Operations IAS joined for the ceremony. While addressing the students, Prof. Dr. Nasira Jabeen highlighted the need for including innovative courses that are beneficial for graduates giving them not only national but international competitive edge by revisiting the curriculum on continuous basis.  She congratulated all the students on successfully completing their certification course and appreciated the efforts of course instructor, program coordinator and operations team for ensuring all the necessary arrangements. The course instructor Mr. Syed Hassnain Shah also spoke to the audience and mentioned that upon closing of the semester, students will be awarded with Microsoft certification as well. He too congratulated the students for their hard work and effort.




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