Institute of Administrative Sciences and Punjab Economic Research Institute have signed a MoU to collaborate for IAS International Conference 2018 on Governance, Management and HR: Strategic Directions with CPEC as an integral theme. The conference is to be held on 20-21 March 2018 at Crystal Hall -PC Hotel Lahore.


The Punjab Economic Research Institute (PERI) is a statutory body attached with Planning and Development Board, Government of the Punjab, with a mandate to carry out socio-economic research on issues of provincial and national importance and to support planning and development work of Punjab Government. Both institutions discussed avenues of collaboration for evidence based research and academic matters. Both the Directors; Prof. Dr. Nasira Jabeen (IAS) and Dr. Mumtaz Anwar Choudhry (PERI) along with the Conference Committee members from IAS and PERI were represented at the ceremony.



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